Flapjack Fridays

March 31, 2023
10:00 AM

Event Description

Each week we will have short presentations that will cover valuable information that help you explore and engage your future paths. Guest speakers will have a short presentation about careers in finance, insurance, military, health field, technology and much more. They will also cover budgeting, college readiness and volunteer opportunities. Bring a friend and any future planning questions you may have!
Participation will count towards 4C’s credit.
For students in grades 9 -12

This week, we're serving up flapjacks and discussing wilderness first aid.Ms. Dorothy Adler of Wilderness Emergency Medical Education, will discuss safety in the backcountry.

Guest Speaker: Dorothy Adler

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Teachers / Speakers

Michelle Sande
Student Learning and Engagement
(907) 352-7469
Tara Moore
Guidance Counselor 8-12
(907) 352-1355