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March 5, 2024

Families of Mat-Su Central,                                                                                     

Welcome to the whirlwind that is lovingly referred to as "Marchaprilmay" around Mat-Su Central. Keep in mind that the building will be closed for MSBSD’s extended Spring Break from March 7-18. As always, check out our full calendar here, and keep an eye on the website for the most up to date information. In the meantime, here are some important updates.

Grade Update: There is no need to submit Q3 grades in the parent portal since it is still not operating correctly. However, your advisor will be in contact about how to ensure your student’s growth and success. In most traditional school settings, a grade report is sent to students and parents on a quarterly basis. In the MCS model, home educators submit grades to the advisor for certified approval. In the past, this has occurred 4x/year for K-8 students, but moving forward, grades will only need to be submitted two times per year for K-12 students. Although advisors provide additional contact through in-person/virtual meetings, progress monitoring, and regular family check-ins, the formal submission of grades gives an additional layer of support and accountability to ensure student success. 

Assessments: In April, we enter into “testing” season here at MCS and look forward to seeing you around the building. You completed a plan of proficiency at the beginning of the year, so if you need a reminder about what assessments your student should be taking, please connect with your advisor. Explore more information on the Assessment page of the website. 

AAC Results: We are pleased to welcome Maria Michaloski, Aaron Clements, and Jennifer Tenney to the Academic Advisory Council (AAC) at Mat-Su Central School. We are so very grateful for their passion and dedication to making Mat-Su Central School the best it can be. To learn more about the AAC, click HERE.

Facebook: Our MCS Facebook page is live once again and regularly updated with all sorts of school events! If you had previously blocked the page, follow these instructions to access it again: Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocking > Block Pages (Edit) > See blocked list & unblock. 

Battle of Books Winners: We're thrilled to announce that Mat-Su Central School's high school Battle of the Books team emerged victorious at the state competition! This historic win marks the FIRST time a BOB team from Mat-Su Central School has clinched the title. Huge round of applause to our incredible BOB team and their dedicated coaches, Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Kenney!

Did You Know: Here are a number of other quick items to be aware of… 

  • Graduation: MCS Graduation is May 17 at 3pm. For a complete checklist of all the tasks each senior needs to complete, click here
  • Reimbursement Deadlines: May 4 all receipts dated January 1 to April 30 must be submitted. 
  • Weather Closure Zone: For future clarification, MCS (both Palmer and Wasilla campuses) are in Zone 3. 
  • Prom Tickets: April 26 is MCS prom. For tickets and more information, click here
  • Spring Break Reminder: Be mindful of the extended spring break this year due to the Arctic Winter Games. The building will be closed from March 7-18. 

Feedback: MCS thrives thanks to the creative insights from home educators. If you have any ideas for how we can improve our program, please share with us here

Honored to partner with you, 

Stacey McIntosh and Nathan Chud 

Principal Team | Mat-Su Central

“Developing lifelong learners through meaningful partnerships and dynamic personalized learning."