MCS News

Families!  Thank you for continuing to support Mat-Su Central by participating in our MCS Passport Program.  Our goal with the Passport Program is to empower family engagement in the school and to increase the number of positive, caring adults in the lives of our students.  

To show our appreciation for your participation in our programs, we'd like to present Family Resilience-Building items to those who participate.

Parents/caregivers and students, complete the form below for activities you've participated in (at or with Mat-Su Central).  You may combine multiple entries into one form.

Once you have participated in 5 activities, you qualify for a resilience building item - FREE! (Zen board, bullet journal, family game, sensory gadgets, and MORE!).  We will email you once you qualify for a Resilience item.

We have now added community activities for families.  By offering these, we are promoting family engagement while also supporting local businesses.  

Fly Trampoline

Extreme Fun Center

Valley Cinema

North Bowl

Gas Cards

Complete THIS SHORT FORM to let us know what activity, meeting, training, or workshop you attended, and you will qualify for a resilience building item (family game, bullet journal, sensory gadgets, and more) - FREE!