MSC News

Quarter 3 ends on Friday, March 5, and grades need to be submitted via the Parent Portal for all K-8 students. Grades do not need to be submitted for high school students unless they are athletes needing to demonstrate eligibility. To reach the MSC Parent Portal, first log into ParentVue, select “Home School Sites” on the left column, and then select Mat-Su Central.

When turning in grades, keep in mind that you need 3 things for each class:
1. A number score for K-5 students and a letter grade for 6-12.
2. A two-three sentence narrative that describes what and how your student progressed in his/her learning this quarter.
3. 2-3 work samples for each class (these can be photos of final projects/essays/assignments/tests that support your assigned grade or pictures and videos of your student engaged in PE, music, or art). If taking an online class, please include a screenshot of the class gradebook. Other work samples for online classes are not necessary.

Best Practices prior to logging into the MSC Portal:
1. Type up your narratives ahead of time
2. Have your work sample files ready
3. Have your receipt files ready to upload

**There are some excellent video tutorials on the Parent Resources page that will walk you through grade submissions and other common processes. Please reach out directly to your advisor for further assistance regarding grade submission.