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Class Description

We live in a time of unprecedented division, and the ability to see and understand others’ perspectives has become a lost art. Both social media and major news sources are increasingly biased and sell consumers the story that they want to hear. All of this is exacerbated by the context of COVID-19, which has somewhat ironically introduced the notion of “social distancing.” How are we more connected and more alone than ever before?

The goal of this year-long class is to recover the vital skills of critical thinking and effective communication. We will use topics such as political division, social media, race relations, and COVID-19 to ground our discussions in current events. Students will learn to develop curiosity, deepen empathy, and build bridges with those who are different from them.

You will receive High School credit for this course:

  • 1 English Core Elective Credit
  • This course satisfies the AP Seminar Graduation Requirement
  • This is a 2-semester course, and students are expected to commit for both semesters.
  • Enrollment priority will be given to Sophomores (Class of 2025), but other grades are welcome to request enrollment provided there is capacity.

Expect to:

  • Participate in discussions and work collaboratively
  • Write essays
  • Read and research
  • Give presentations

Special Notes


Nathan Chud
Assistant Principal / Advisory Teacher
(907) 352-7474

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