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Students will explore how movies, TV shows, and film are a mirror for societies fears and obsessions. We will look at film as an art form and examine the various art forms that come together to make cinema. Students will analyze film as a modern medium of storytelling, character development, and learn cinematography to understand the ways directors guide not just the actors and action, but most importantly the audience.

Our last class will meet at the Valley Theater for a double header analysis.
*Movie times vary, so be prepared to come earlier or later on our last day as schedule permits.* Information will be posted on our online Canvas class section. Writing is a large part of this course. Each film will require a written analysis and will be followed by group discussion. Films to be selected as they come available. Permission slip required for the class. This course can be taken twice and counts as a high school English elective. *See Mr. Hassen for Advanced Cinema requirements.*

Special Notes


Heath Hassen
Advisory Teacher 6-8
(907) 352-7473

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