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Class Description

Teen Ink is designed for students who love writing and unleashing their creative side. Some days, we will provide mini workshops on creating compelling characters, stunning storyworlds, bold beginnings and page-turning plots. Other days, students will choose to write independently or share work and ideas with peers. Time will be set aside for volunteers to share their writing to receive positive affirmations and constructive critique. Together, we will form a community of enthusiastic writers where everyone feels welcome and celebrated for their unique ideas and imaginations! Please note that this is an elective enrichment club that does not replace your student’s core English language arts writing program. It is intended for students who want to join a community of peers that share a passion for creative writing and poetry!

Special Notes

Contact Information

Colin Boyden
Advisory Teacher Elementary (4-7)
(907) 352-7466
Tricia Kenney
Advisory Teacher Elementary (4-7)
(907) 352-7460

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