Using your allotment

Allotments are monies set aside to help offset educational expenditures parents incur throughout their child's educational experience. Equipment valued at and over $150.00 must be pre-approved by your advisor.

Some things you can use your allotment for:

  • Curriculum (online, textbook, and packaged)
  • Books and textbooks
  • General supplies
  • Literature
  • Art supplies
  • Math manipulatives
  • Science supplies
  • Field trips and extended learning activities
  • Technology (software, internet, computers, mobile devices)
  • Educational toys and brain games
  • Even more

Musical Instrument Depreciation Schedule

For parents and/or students interested in purchasing eligible items, musical instruments depreciate at a rate of 10% every 12 months beginning with the date of issue. Speak with your advisor if you have questions about the musical instrument depreciation schedule.


The reimbursement process is the most common form of accessing allotment funds. This is where you buy products or services and then request reimbursement for those expenses.

There are some guidelines and rules regarding how this is done. Only one reimbursement can be submitted per week, and each reimbursement must exceed $100.

Please see below for complete guidelines.

Please note the blackout date in which no reimbursement requests are eligible is for receipts dated June 16 to June 30.

For technical support contact:
Miguel Velez-Moreno at
Linda Stotler at
Tammy Leslie at

Important Dates

  • December 3, 2022 (Optional)
    Any complete receipts submitted will be reimbursed by Christmas.
  • February 4, 2023 (extended from January 28)
    ALL receipts dated July 1 to December 31 must be submitted. This was extended  due to Parent Portal issues.
  • March 10, 2023 (by 3:30)
    All pre-approval purchase orders must be submitted
  • April 29, 2023
    Jan 1 to Apr 30 items and services received.
  • June 30, 2023
    For educational expenses from May 1-June 30. Summer camps, clinics, etc. must be dated on or before June 30.
  • June 30-July 15-Portal is closed for roll-over to new fiscal year.


Materials needed to help learn throughout the year.

- Textbooks & Workbooks
- School Supplies
- Computers, iPads, etc.
- more...


Tutoring or instruction from community partners (vendors).

- Academic Tutoring
- Physical Education
- Extended learning
- more...

Educational Activities

Educational learning activities that extend student learning.

- Museums & Cultural Centers
- Performances
- Field Trips
- more...

  • Every purchase or reimbursement must be directly related to the Individualized Learning Plan and aligned with State of Alaska standards for education. Materials purchased with allotment funds are the property of MSBSD.
  • Appropriate use and maintenance of these materials is the responsibility of the parent.
  • Equipment over $150 must be pre-approved by your advisor and some other non-consumables must be tagged as property of Mat-Su Borough School District. In these cases, reimbursement payments will only be made after the equipment is  brought to the school for inventory.

1. Make sure your expense is related to your student’s ILP.

If in doubt, contact your advisor first.


2. Make sure your receipt is complete.

For instruction, you may use the Instructional Receipt.


3. Take a photo or scan of the receipt.

You may use your phone.

  • If you need to upload two photos for one reimbursement request, write $0 with the second photo, or contact IT for assistance.

4. Log in to the Parent Portal to submit.

For this step, you can any device You will need a ParentVue account.

  • After logging into ParentVue, select "Home School Sites" on the left column, then select Mat-Su Central to get to the Parent Portal.
  • Each reimbursement request must add up to at least $100. This helps to reduce the overall amount of reimbursements in the system and speeds up the process up for everyone.
  • Receipts must show vendor, date, payment form, and services or materials purchased. Internet bills must show cost for internet access.
  • Reimbursements for instruction are only available if the vendor is currently on the Mat-Su Central Instructional Partner List.

Mailed Check

This is the default option.

Direct Deposit

- Download the Direct Deposit Form.
- Fill in the form online or print and fill in.
- Send the completed form with a voided check to:

If you need help, bring the form to MSC and we can forward for you.

  • Payments are sent to the first individual listed on the ParentVue mailing address.
  • Checks are processed by the Mat-Su Borough School District, not Mat-Su Central.
  • If ParentVue information changes, you will need to also update your payment information with Mat-Su Central.

Please DO the following to help speed the process up.

Make sure:
  • Grades and proficiency plans are up to date
  • Receipts are legible
  • Proof of payment is clear
  • Provide itemized receipt for multiple items
  • Only one student is on a request
  • Your instructional vendor is on our list
  • Your total request is at least $100
  • Remember, you can always include multiple receipts.

The following may slow payment or require lead to denial of payment.

Make sure you don't:
  • Exceed your available funds
  • Use a vendor that is not approved
  • Have multiple students on a single request
  • Purchase items/services not associated with a course on your ILP
  • Instructional Partner (vendor) receipts must show dates, times, and description of activity. See the Instructional Receipt for example of required information.

A reimbursement is money paid back to parents out of their student’s allotment for items they have purchased out of pocket, such as curriculum, resources, supplies, etc. (as outlined in the ILP).


  • Save your original receipts after submitting into parent portal.
  • Reimbursement request can only be submitted for one student per request.
  • Each student’s request for reimbursement submission should total a minimum of $100.00, except the final reimbursement for the year, which can be less than $100.00.
  • Receipt totals must clearly state the purchase, (i.e. Internet receipts must clearly show an Internet total.)
  • All incomplete receipts (invoices) will be rejected and need to be resubmitted with complete information.
  • No items deemed excessive by MCS advisor or MCS Administrator will be reimbursed.

‘Family’ Allotments

  • Student Account funds may be transferred between siblings (proficiency and grades will be considered)

Preschool Students:

  • Households enrolling a student or students in the allotment-based program may use up to $500.00 of their family’s allotment for the educational needs of their 3 and 4 year old pre-school children. A MCS enrollment form must be filled out for each preschool student. A birth certificate must also be provided. (see front office)
  • If submitting for Pre-School student, please clearly indicate “preschool” in description field.
  • Clearly mark all preschool items  “Preschool” on Pre-Order forms.

Non-Consumable Equipment & Items over $150.00

  • Equipment valued at and over $150.00 is considered non-consumable and must be pre-approved by your advisor and have MCS Property ID tags affixed. Some items of lower value may also be tagged, such as graphing calculators or external hard-drives, etc.

Proficiency & Assessment Requirements

  • Student accounts may be restricted if quarterly progress grade documentation is not provided.
  • Participation in MCS ongoing assessment plans, including all statewide assessments, is a requirement to submit reimbursements. Accounts may be restricted if participation in the mandatory testing requirement is not met.

Approved Instructional Partner (Vendor) Services

  • Vendor must be on the MCS approved instructional vendor list.  
  • Requests for reimbursement must list month, days and times for lessons and show “PAID”.
  • No services may be provided by persons less than 18 years of age.

Special Considerations

  • Payment for services provided to students by a family member are prohibited. Family member is defined as a spouse, guardian, parent, stepparent, sibling, step-sibling, grandparent, step-grandparent, child, uncle, or aunt.
  • Skate, ski and snowboard rentals must be approved by the Advisory Teacher and the Accounting Office.
  • Computers and musical instruments for student use need prior approval for purchase by Mat-Su Central School / MSBSD. Transferring students utilizing buy out options are exempt from this approval requirement.
  • Common approval for physical fitness equipment includes: bats, balls, weights, hockey sticks, jump ropes, etc. FLY Trampoline Park monthly memberships are reimbursed up to 50% for FY22 and will be available for full reimbursement beginning in FY23 (July 1).
  • Up to $200 can be spent per student on LEGOs each school year. Exceptions must be pre-approved by the advisor.
  • Mat-Su Central School does not reimburse for:
  1. Medical expenses or medical insurance is not reimbursable, including school physicals and sports physicals
  2. Pets and other animals- exceptions may include bee keeping and baby chicks
  3. Furniture- exceptions may include a reading light, white board, or student desk
  4. Entertainment
  5. Family Travel
  6. Food- exceptions may include Mat-Su Central Educational Travel
  7. Clothing and personal sportswear- Exceptions may include skates, ski boots, etc.
  8. Items that are considered excessive by the school administrator.

Prepaid Services & Memberships

  • Prepaid Services (Fitness clubs, piano lessons, karate lessons, sewing lessons, etc.) during current year will be reimbursed on a monthly basis, only after services are rendered.
  • Memberships, passes and activity fees will be reimbursed for students. (Effective March 1, 2017, a chaperone may also be reimbursed).
  • Internet Service – Effective July 1, 2021, MSC can reimburse for home internet data up to, but not exceeding $175 per family, per month without advisor pre-approval. Questions? Contact MSC Technology Department: (907) 352-1366.

Reimbursing for Materials and Services

  • Nonsectarian services and materials may be purchased from public, private, or religious organizations with student allotments if:
  1. the services and materials are required for the course of study in the ILP textbooks, services, and other curriculum materials and the course of study:
  2. are approved by the school district
  3. are appropriate for the student
  4. are aligned to state standards
  5. comply with Alaska law related to the prohibition of partisan, sectarian, or denominational doctrines from being advocated in a public school during school hours
  6. comply with Alaska law related to the prohibition of discrimination in textbooks and instructional materials, and supports a public purpose

Rollover Allotment Monies

  • Unexpended funds provided for student allotments may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next, provided the student continues to be enrolled in the correspondence program for which the annual allotment was provided.

Withdrawal from MSC

  • As per Alaska State Correspondence regulations, if a student is no longer enrolled in the correspondence program for which the allotment was provided, the unexpended balance of the student allotment must be returned to the budget of the department or district. Any allotment expenditures that have been made for purchases that occur after a student's withdrawal date must be paid back to Mat-Su Central before the student withdraws.

Buyout option from another homeschool program

  • MSCS provides a buy-out option of up to $500 per student for families who are transferring to MSCS from non-District home school programs and meet our program eligibility requirements. This enables families, who want to keep resources from their previous program, to transfer more easily to MSCS. The two buy-out options are available by a credit to the student's allotment as follows:

    - Pay the non-District program directly
    - Reimbursement check to the family
    - This option must be exercised within 12 months from the date of initial enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Vendor even if they aren't on the MSC list?

To satisfy parts of your ILP, you may use non-vetted MSC Vendors. However, MSC cannot reimburse for vendors who have not gone through the vetting process. We work with vendors all the time to help them become vetted so that you can use allotment dollars to pay for their services. If your vendor needs to start this process, please have them contact visit the Instructional Partners page and contact Gena Chastain.

Are Sales Tax and/or Shipping Costs reimburseable?

Yes. These are required expenses in some cases in order to purchase items, so you are eligible to claim them for reimbursement.