MCS News

We are ever-moving closer to the reality of a new home for Mat-Su Central School. We have been working with MCG architects since June of 2022, and the design is nearing completion. Read more for a current overview, and watch this space for more details as they continue to unfold.

Some people are still asking why a “homeschool program” needs a building. Here are some of the key reasons:

  • At over 2300 students, Mat-Su Central serves approximately 12% of the students in the MSBSD.
  • Our program includes traditional homeschoolers who learn exclusively “at home,” but many of our students participate in a wide range of our on-site clubs, classes, or workshops. When this on-site program initially began, our graduation rate doubled, so we know it works. Unfortunately, due to limited physical space, we are regularly forced to turn kids away from these opportunities. We’d rather welcome more students for more sessions!
  • Our current building is outdated, especially for the needs of a K-12 school. During larger events or mandated testing, the parking lot is downright dangerous.
  • We have been wasting money in lease payments since our inception, and we want to be responsible with public funds by creating a long-term solution.
  • When we surveyed our families, 9 out of 10 parents said that the current building would not sustain their families’ long-term educational needs.
  • We partner with over 300 local businesses, many of whom request space in our building to meet with students and offer further experiential learning. The success of MSC means the success of small businesses in Palmer and Wasilla.
  • MSC’s new school building will be a gift available to the whole community, not as a by-product but as a core part of our school’s mission.

The Mat-Su Borough School Board recently voted unanimously to approve the 95% design, and after Borough Assembly approval, the project will make final adjustments before going to bid.

Proposed Timeline:

  • Spring 2023: prepare project for construction bids
  • Fall 2023: break ground
  • Winter 2024: open new school

Budgeted Project Costs:

  • Construction: $18,725,079
  • Contingency: $936,254
  • Project Costs (Permitting, Controls, District Admin, Technology, Etc.): $4,569,021
  • Project Total: $24,230,364