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Class Description

Activities MAY include:

Daily Sketches

Collaborative games & projects

Styrofoam cup sculpture

Cardboard cube design

Deconstruct, reconstruct shoes

Toothpick Challenge

Expressive material studies

Plaster masks

Interior/ Exterior Space (Foam Head)

Book Folding Sculptures


Daily Sketches - Each class begins with a 10 Minute warm-up Sketch (full points for

sketch participation)

Guided Practice - Participation in class assignments and skill building studies are essential to growth

Projects - Self graded rubric and reflection, instructor feedback, and peer discussion

in class.

*Independent/Open Studio Thursdays 1-3: Students may us this time to work on class assignments or approved independent projects.

  • Student work may be submitted for award, on display at our school, or in the community for our annual art show at Vagabond Blues in Palmer

Special Notes

Contact Information

Tina Fisher
Art Instructor
(907) 352-1368

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