About the AAC

The Academic Advisory Council (AAC) at Mat-Su Central School is a group composed of parents, school staff, principal and school board member(s) which was formed to address urgent needs at the school, express parent concerns, and to give Parent Educators a strong voice in decision-making and policies at the school and District level.  The group has worked to revise School Board Policies and Administrative Regulations to enhance the homeschool and family friendly Homeschool Support Program at Mat-Su Central School.

As identified in Board Policy 6181, the Academic Advisory Council (AAC) consists of seven to nine members.

The majority are parents of students enrolled at MCS, and the remaining members include one or two School Board members, a Superintendent designee from the district office, the Mat-Su Central School Principal, and other school staff. The AAC Council meets monthly; the purpose of the Council is to make policy and budgetary recommendations to the District Administration and the School Board that define the Mat-Su Central School philosophy, mission, vision, policies, administrative regulations, practices, and procedures in accordance with state law and regulation.

Spring 2024 'A Seat' Election Results:

  • The AAC election results are in! We are pleased to welcome Maria Michaloski, Aaron Clements, and Jennifer Tenney to the Academic Advisory Council (AAC) at Mat-Su Central School. We are so very grateful for their passion and dedication to making Mat-Su Central School the best it can be.
  • New Members First Meeting will be March 5.

Meet your AAC Members!

Parent Representative ‘A Seat’ (Voting), Aaron Clements

Parent Representative ‘A Seat’ (Voting), Jennifer Tenney

Parent Representative ‘A Seat’ (Voting), Maria Michaloski

Parent Representative ‘B Seat’ (Voting), Nicole Connolly

Parent Representative ‘B Seat’ (Voting),  Siyen Emmert

Parent Representative ‘B Seat’ (Voting), Tiffiny Copeland

School Board Member (Voting), Member Underwood

Superintendent Designee (Voting), Reese Everett

MSCS Principal (Voting in case of tie only), Stacey McIntosh

MSCS Assistant Principal (Non-Voting) Rourka Spatz

MSCS Assistant Principal (Non-Voting) Nathan Chud

MSCS Student Advisory (Non-Voting), Rainey Spurlock

MSCS Advisory (Non-Voting) Certified Staff Representative, Jenn Gardner

MSCS Advisory (Non-Voting) Classified Staff Representative, Jane Keller

AAC Meeting Schedule

All MSC parents, vendors, and staff are invited to attend AAC meetings.

AAC 2023-24 Meeting Schedule: TUESDAYS @ 2pm in person and via Microsoft Teams (meeting locations varies). If you have any questions about how to attend a meeting or access minutes from prior meetings, please contact Jane Keller.

  • AAC Meeting Schedule 2023-2024 Tuesdays @ 2:00
  • August 1
  • September 5
  • October 3
  • November 7
  • January 16 (Solicit candidates for AAC following January meeting)/Principal Review due by February 1)
  • February 6
  • March 5 (off-site)
  • April 2  (Program Improvement Goals for next school year)
  • May 7