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Class Description

This course will focus on strengthening students Algebra 1 foundation. We will cover algebraic topics such as: operations, algebraic expressions, linear equations, and inequalities, graphing lines, solving linear systems, polynomials, factoring, exponents, and quadratic equations.

This is an all-year course that extends beyond the usual session timeline, and students are expected to commit to both semesters. Enrollment priority will be given to students who need extra support/assistance; if your student is able to complete Algebra through an independent curriculum, they will be encouraged to do so.

· First Semester: September 13 - December 8
· Second Semester: January 10 - April 27
· We will meet 2 days in person (Tu/Th) and 1 day virtually

Upon completion of course, student will receive:
· 1.0 Algebra credit

Expect to:
· Participate in class and classroom activities
· Keep up with course work through Google Classroom
· Participate in Virtual Learning one day/week

Special Notes


Nicky Richter
Advisory Teacher 8-12

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