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Class Description

This class is for students who demonstrate self-motivation, creativity, leadership, and social awareness in the arts and in their school. Our place-based projects require collaboration with community leaders and peers. Students will design and implement art displays and events within the local community.
Activities MAY include:
Daily Sketches
Collaborative games & projects
3D collaboration at the Wasilla Museum
Mural projects inside and outside of the Wasilla Museum
Paint Nights for Families
“Senior Project” Design
ROCK the Resilience Art Event
Hanging MSCS Art Show at Vagabond Blues in May
Attendance - Your presence is essential. Please notify ahead of time if you have planned absences or a work schedule conflict.
Participation - Your ideas and strengths are vital to the success of a project. Full credit is given to students who consistently volunteer for specific tasks and complete assigned responsibilities.
Attitude / Social Awareness - You will be challenged to take the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures. You will have opportunities to develop social and ethical norms for behavior and to honor differences while working together toward a common goal.

Special Notes


Tina Fisher
Art Instructor
(907) 352-1368

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