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May 8, 2024

Families of Mat-Su Central,                                                                                     

It’s hard to believe the school year is coming to a close. We have our end-of-year picnic later today, and our graduation ceremony will be happening on May 17 at 3pm at the Menard Center. You are welcome to join in person (no ticket necessary) or stream it via a link that will be available on our website. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate all the MCS families’ amazing accomplishments, so check out our full calendar here, and keep an eye on the website for the most up to date information. In the meantime, here are some important highlights.

Correspondence Ruling

  • Recently, a judge granted a stay for the new correspondence ruling through June 30, which means all remains the same for the current school year (you can read more at an online news source of your choice). We were hoping for a longer pause so that we could head toward 2024-25 with more clarity, but for now, questions remain. The legislative session ends May 15, and the House and Senate are trying to reach a legal resolution before then. If they do not, the state education department may be able to write expedited new regulations. 
  • What we DO know: Correspondence schools and funding associated with them will not go away, and MCS will be innovative and creative in making sure you receive the best support possible, regardless of where specific regulations land. 


Thanks for your patience, which you have shown all year, as we continue to navigate the changes to this new system. Unfortunately, in order to find the errors in the system, we need to try it out; fortunately, this is how we get better! Here are a few tips for now:

  • If possible, use Chrome on a computer. Phones and other browsers have not been working as successfully. 
  • If you receive an error message or run into another issue, please send a screenshot to your advisor so they can help troubleshoot. 
  • You should be able to submit a final grade, work sample, and narrative for each class. When you are finished, if your submission does not indicate “PENDING,” please let your advisor know, because it did not go through correctly. 
  • PLEASE do not work on grade submission for an extended period of time. If it is not working correctly, contact your advisor so they can help come up with a different plan for grade submission. While we appreciate your patience, we do not want you to spend unnecessary effort on this process. 

Reimbursement Deadline

  • Due to all the stress factors above, our accounting department has opened up reimbursements for all receipts from this school year (dating back to July 1, 2023). If you get a chance, make sure to thank them for the extra effort! All educational expenses should still be submitted by June 15. 

New Enrollees in 2024-25: Do you know a family interested in attending MCS next year? Encourage them to attend our final MCS 101 this Friday the 10th at 12pm. New families can also indicate their interest by completing this form

Make Your Voice Heard! 

  • Take this survey to share your thoughts on the library in our current and new buildings. 
  • Take this survey to help decide where MCS should go for the international trip next year. 
  • MCS thrives thanks to the creative insights from home educators. If you have any ideas for how we can improve our program, please share with us here

Honored to partner with you, 

Stacey McIntosh and Nathan Chud 

Principal Team | Mat-Su Central

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