MCS News

Congratulations to all of our 23/24 MCS Spelling Bee Contestants (starting left of picture): Tessa Chappel, Sawyer Chappel, Ashton Griffith, Hadley Broadhead, Hazel Broadhead, and Tighe Connolly.  We are proud of each and every one of these students for being inquisitive, courageous and, above all, kind.  The support gifted to one another during competition did not go unnoticed.  You are role models and examples for us all.

And I would, last but not least, like to congratulate our 23/24 MCS Spelling Bee Champ, SAWYER CHAPPEL, who won his last round against Ashton Griffith (2nd place finisher) on the word moira – a Greek word meaning individual destiny.  I think the irony of this being the winning word should not go unnoticed.  Sawyer, who was a returning participant from last year, put forth much dedicated effort in his studying and continues to do so as he prepares to take the qualifier for representation at the AK State Spelling Bee in March.  Please be thinking about Sawyer and sending him good thoughts and wishes.  You can do it, Sawyer!